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Nata Architecture Aptitude Entrance Coaching Centre

High Achievement Always Takes Place in the
Framework of Expectation

Course Details

  • . One month complete course

  • . 15 days crash course

  • . One week random course

  • . Weekend Courses

  • . Only Study Materials

Those, out of state and far locations can pay & Get the study materials alone

Study Materials 

  • 1. Architectural theory material.

    Architectural theory material (covers architectural terms, famous buildings, History of architecture, Architect’s works, etc..)

  • 2. Sketching Material.

    Sketching Material (covers the basics of sketching, the types and stages of perspectives, reference sketches, colour theory, human anatomy, tips for fast sketching, etc..)

  • 3. Theory Portfolio.

    Theory Portfolio ( Colour images of famous buildings, construction materials, building components, etc..)

  • 4. Sketching Portfolio.

    Sketching Portfolio ( NATA sketching questions – worked out, steps of developing sketches, 10-point fast sketch, murals, patterns, reference images, etc – everything in specific to question papers).

  • 5. Worksheets for Analytical Questions with answers to check.


    Why should I study Architecture (B.Arch)?

  • 1. It is a creative field which does not involve physics & Chemistry like other Engineering subjects and only one semester of mathematics.

  • 2. It is a Independent Profession.

  • 3. Scope of Architecture is amazingly so wide in today’s world.

  • 4. It is a subject of creation & Construction than testing & Development.

  • 5. As u know… even a bird needs a nest to live in. Architecture is the requirement of every human being and hence the job opportunities are so well.

  • 6. Field which is least affected by global recession.

  • 7. Self-Confidence, Communication skills, software knowledge, Personality Devlopment, Team working skills etc.. are associative skills which gets developed along with your creativity by the time you get your B.Arch Degree (in the tenure of 5 Years).

  • Why should I go for an Coaching for B.Arch ?

  • 1. Any exam can be performed to the best only after good preparation.

  • 2. Especially,AIEEE –B.Arch & NATA (National Aptitude Test In Architecture) which is a Online Exam associated with paper based Sketching which needs intensive Coaching to perform well.

  • 3. The Portions of NATA is new to any 12th std student as it is not any continuation of their physics,chemistry or mathematics and hence needs to be learnt from the basics for a proper learning.

  • 4. This Exam involves a imaginative free hand sketching which lays emphasis on the Architecture in daily life which needs a right Coaching to initially learn to imagine and then slowly improve in producing the sketch of their imagination.

  • 5. And Moreover the scores of students with a proper coaching is always more than those attending without coaching.

  • Why should I select Apto-inn for my Entrance coaching?

  • 1. It is the only Coaching centre where the students are thought by Asst.Professors, Practicing architects & Artists.

  • 2. We Provide the Students with the Special Study Materials which covers the entire syllabus.

  • 3. Students are given coaching both for theory & the sketching part.

  • 4. We teach the students from the basics assuring a personal care towards every student.

  • 5. Maximum services are offered for students at affordable fees.

  • 6. We coach students through power point presentations, Real 3-D Models, intensive sketching etc..

  • 7. We are the only coaching centre engaging the students in a OUTDOOR LIVE SKETCHING CAMP where the students are taught the 3-d sketching more lively with the real time shade & shadows.

  • 8. We provide the students with all the basic required sketching materials for a professional sketching.

  • 9. We treat every student equally and teach them to their individual medium of understanding.

  • 10. A Safe, Friendly and comfortable learning environment is provided to all the students ensuring a good quality of education.


    Personal - Care Coaching centre

    We have got more than 100 students passing out very year with promising scores in NATA & AIEEE – B.ARCH & placed in Architectural colleges all over india on merit basis.

    Welcome to the best institute in India!

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